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Larkins Healthy Hay Blend

Larkins Healthy Hay Blend

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Presenting Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend: an exquisite blend of Timothy and Meadow hay, with a trace of lucerne, created to give your tiny animals the crucial nutrients they require for optimum health and vigour.

Hay is an essential component of your pet's nutrition and not just bedding. The ideal ratio of nutrients is provided by Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend, which also helps to prevent behavioural problems, lessen boredom, and improve dental health. This hay combination, which is unchopped for optimal advantages, keeps its natural deliciousness and helps with dental wear as well as digestive health.

You can be sure that your guinea pigs and rabbits are getting the best nutrition possible with a carefully chosen blend of Timothy and Alfalfa. Alfalfa is high in protein and especially good for ill or young animals since it strengthens their immune systems.

Soft and tasty, Larkin's Meadow Hay is full of vital vitamins and nutrients to help your tiny animal stay healthy. Timothy Hay, on the other hand, is well-known for its high fibre content and coarse texture, making it a great option for gut health and digestion.

You may relax knowing that Larkin's hay is nearly dust-free due to its extraction process, providing your pets with a clean and healthy environment. Give your pets Larkin's Healthy Hay Blend, and you'll see their growth with every bite.

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