TikTok, the buzzing social media platform with over 1 billion users, is not just about dance challenges and lip-sync videos. It's also a haven for pet lovers who can't get enough of the cute and entertaining antics of animals. We talk about pets on social media and show you 7 cute TikTok accounts you should follow.

Darren and Phillip (@The_blueboys): Darren and Phillip, two happy Staffordshire Bull Terriers, have over 300K pet lovers following them. You can find them on TikTok with the username: @The_blueboys.

With close to 10 million likes, it's evident that TikTok users are smitten by these adorable dogs. Their content ranges from cute dog outfits to delightful dog birthday parties, capturing all sorts of doggy activities. The account will soon feature their interactions with a newborn baby, adding another dimension to their content.

Tuti, Yuki, and Moshi (@tutiandyuki): Cat lovers, we've got you covered! Tuti, Yuki, and Moshi are three cats living harmoniously together. With over 3 million followers, these cute furry friends have won hearts globally.

Their content is filled with positivity, posting many videos where cats alongside encouraging words are being featured! For instance, a video of Yuki meowing with a caption that reads "you're doing great" offers comfort and affirmation. If you're looking for a dose of feline love coupled with positive affirmations, this cat TikTok account is a must-follow.

Wolfie and Sharky (@littlewolfiebird): This account takes us into the fascinating world of birds. Wolfie and Sharky, two blue parrots, amaze their followers with various tricks. From skateboarding to playing basketball, these birds showcase their incredible abilities. The account also documents Sharky's growth, making it a delight for those interested in watching adorable baby birds grow.

Towkay (@towkaytay49): Towkay, a charismatic Pomeranian, has captured the hearts of many dog lovers in Singapore. His sassy personality shines through the entertaining videos. In one of them, Towkay can be seen cruising in his mini sports car – a sight both comedic and adorable. Fans of this dog TikTok account can even get Towkay merchandise and use Towkay stickers in their daily conversations.

Milk Tea (@naicha.milktea): Milk Tea is a brown cat with over 20K followers. Her adorable expressions have garnered much attention. She partakes in many TikTok trends, making her account a hotspot for cat-related content.

Bruno (@whiteboy_bruno): Bruno, a lively Japanese Spitz, is another dog TikTok sensation. His antics, from greeting his owners by the door to stealing pieces of clothing, are pure adorability. With over 40K followers, Bruno's account is a delightful mix of doggy shenanigans.

Charlie, Clyde and Cleo (@Thesnyderzoo): These three European Danes, along with their feline housemates Lily and Daisy, make up @Thesnyderzoo. With over a million followers, this pet TikTok account captures the daily activities of these majestic dogs. They also have a YouTube account for those who can't get enough of their adorable content.

Not only are these pet accounts entertaining, but they also provide a unique opportunity for brands to connect with pet lovers. Pet influencers on TikTok can earn money through TikTok's Creator Fund, brand partnerships, and even by selling their own merchandise. If you're a pet owner considering joining the TikTok community, there are ample opportunities to grow and monetise your pet's account.

Pet TikTok accounts bring joy, companionship, and humour to our lives. Pets are like family members in our world. So, why not follow these amazing pet accounts and brighten up your TikTok feed?

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