Larkins Healthy Hay Blend


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Larkins Healthy Hay Blend

A balance of Meadow Hay and Timothy Hay with a touch of Alfalfa for increased energy

Hay is a vital part of our diet, we actually eat it and not just use it as bedding because it's comfortable and warm.

Larkins Healthy hay provides the benefits of chewing which helps reduce boredom and behavioural problems, as well as naturally wearing down continually growing teeth.

Unchopped to help the hay retain its natural goodness and increase the benefits of dental wear and digestive health.

With a Blend of Timothy and Alfalfa you can rest assured that your Rabbits and Guinea pigs are getting the very best.

Alfalfa is a great source of protein and good for young rabbits and especially sick or poorly ones and can help boost their immune system.

Larkins unchopped Meadow hay is soft and palatable for small animals and is full of vitamins and goodness.

Timothy is a coarse stork, high in fibre and great for digestion.

Larkins hay is dust extracted and is virtually dust free.