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The Pet Food Pioneers

A pioneering pet food brand, we've been at the forefront of the healthy pet food market since the company was founded by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993. We specialise in using simple, healthy and wholesome ingredients to create award-winning recipes almost 30 years ago, we've released a variety of healthy and hypoallergenic pet food ranges, all using a single protein source and ingredients that are as healthy, wholesome and sustainable as possible

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Britain's Favourite Dog Food AGAIN!

Which? surveyed 3,122 of their members to discover the most delicious dog foods you can buy in 2022. "Burns was the most-loved brand for the second year in a row, and is also a good-value option!" You could potentially save around £80 a year if you switched to Burns.

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Burns will never compromise on our belief that high-quality ingredients and good nutrition can really make a difference to the overall happiness and wellbeing of each pet. That's why we continue to make the same nutritious recipes that pets love, using simple, wholesome and healthy ingredients

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