8 Best Cat-Friendly Countries That Boost Pet-Friendly Travel

8 Best Cat-Friendly Countries That Boost Pet-Friendly Travel

Are you an avid traveller who simply cannot bear the thought of leaving your feline friend behind? Or perhaps, you're considering a move abroad but worried about how your cat will fit in?

Many countries are cat-friendly and make it easy for cats to travel with their owners. We've rounded up 8 of the best destinations where you and your purr-fect pal will feel right at home. Let's explore these cat-friendly countries, shall we?

1. Japan

Japan is famed for its love of cats. From 'cat islands' like Tashirojima and Aoshima, where felines far outnumber humans, to the famous 'maneki-neko' or 'lucky cat' charms, Japan's appreciation for our furry friends is evident. Japan's pet-friendly travel extends to a range of cat cafés and even specific resorts that offer luxury accommodation for both you and your cat.

2. France

In France, cats are treated with the same joie de vivre that the French bring to all their endeavours. Paris is famous for its cat-friendly culture, with cats often seen relaxing in libraries, bakeries, and bistros. France's laws also favour cat travel, making it easy to bring your feline companion along for the journey.

3. The Netherlands

Known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the Netherlands extends a warm welcome to four-legged visitors. Amsterdam boasts 'De Poezenboot,' a unique cat sanctuary on a canal boat, reflecting the country's love for felines. Dutch law protects animals and allows pets in public places, making it great for traveling with cats.

4. Italy

Italy loves cats, especially in Rome where many stray cats can live legally in the old ruins of the city. The Italian lifestyle can be ideal for cats, with its slow pace and emphasis on enjoying the good life. Italian law also favours pet owners, allowing cats in many establishments.

5. Canada

With its wide-open spaces and pet-friendly policies, Canada is a haven for pets and their owners. Many Canadian cities have multiple pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. Canada has many pet-friendly parks and recreational areas, which makes traveling with your cat an exciting adventure.

6. Germany

Germany is known for its orderliness, efficiency, and love for pets. Germans have strict animal welfare laws, reflecting their respect and care for animals. Many restaurants, shops, and hotels allow cats, making it easier for you to plan your cat travel itinerary. Plus, German cities often have beautiful parks where your cat can enjoy some outdoor time.

7. Sweden

Sweden is one of the world's most pet-friendly countries, where cats are considered family. Swedish law encourages pet ownership, and pets are welcome in most public places, including some offices. With its lush parks, clean streets, and emphasis on animal welfare, Sweden is a wonderful choice for cat-friendly travel.

8. Australia

Australia is home to more pets than people, making it an animal lover's paradise. Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney are filled with pet-friendly accommodations and cafés. Australia has many parks and beaches where cats can enjoy the sun. This makes traveling with your cat a great experience.

Traveling with your cat can be overwhelming. However, there are countries that are welcoming to pets. These cat-friendly destinations will make you and your furry friend feel at home. Japan and Canada are great places for cat lovers, with cat cafes and cat-friendly parks to enjoy.

Before beginning your trip, ensure that your cat is comfortable with traveling. Additionally, make sure you have obtained all necessary vaccinations and documents. Make sure to research the specific pet import regulations of the country you plan to visit, as these can vary widely.

Embarking on an adventure with your cat can be a truly rewarding experience. As you discover different cultures and places, you'll make special memories with your cat that will stay with you forever. So why wait? Start planning your cat-friendly travel today and dive into the wonderful world of travel with your feline companion.

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