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Spring Toys to Bring Some Bounce Back!

With the weather getting warmer, outdoor activities are finally making a comeback! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a collection of toys tailored to your pooch’s play style.

For Fetch Fanatics:

Chuckit’s Ball Launcher Range is perfect for pups that love to lunge after anything that moves. With 5 different ball and launcher sizes, there’s a Chuckit for everyone. Simply load the ball, launch, and repeat!

Chuckit Ball Launcher Small Chuckit Ball Launcher Medium Chuckit Ball Launcher Large


Not big on balls? Try Chuckit’s Ultra Flight Fetch Frisbee or Ultra Fetch Stick to send your dog soaring!

    Chuckit Ultra Flight Fetch Dog Toy                                   Chuckit Ultra Fetch Stick Dog Toy


If your arms are tired of the feeling of throwing, look no further than Nerf’s Tennis Ball Blaster and Tennis Ball Blaster Distance Balls. Take aim with this high-powered blaster and launch any standard size tennis ball up to 50 feet! Plus, its hands-free loading means you can reload sans slobber.

       Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy                                  Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster Distance Balls

For Loud and Proud Pups:

Have you grown weary of squeaky serenades? GiGwi’s Push to Mute Duck Dog Toy can go from quacking to quiet in the push of a button!

     GiGwi Push to Mute Duck Dog Toy                               GiGwi Push to Mute Duck Dog Toy


Or, try Chuckit’s The Whistler Ball to give them the noise they need, with a change of tune. When thrown, the Whistler Ball makes a wonderful whistle for your hound to hunt!

                                          Chuckit The Whistler Ball


Alternatively, if you’re content with the commotion, how about Kong’s SqueakAir Tennis Balls? They’re just like your classic tennis ball, with a tonal twist!

      Kong Air Dog SqueakAir Tennis Balls 3pk                             Kong Air Dog SqueakAir Tennis Balls

For Tough Love:

Say goodbye to torn up toys with GiGwi’s new range of super durable dog toys! Their Jumball Basketball is made of rubber that resists even the most determined dog, and their Duraspikes Extra-Durable Rabbit is covered in cotton canvas that won’t cave to any canine!

      GiGwi Jumball Basketball Dog Toy                              GiGwi Duraspikes Extra-Durable Rabbit Dog Toy


For a wheel-y good time, the All For Paws Mighty Wheel offers a challenging chew for any pup daring enough to take the wheel!

      All For Paws Mighty Wheel                           All for Paws Mighty Wheel


For Cupboard Love:

For food-driven dogs, Ruffwear has created the Gnawt-A-Cone with its gum-massaging faceted surface, and easy-to-clean internal chamber perfect for pet-safe peanut butter!

     Ruffwear Gnawt-A-Cone Dog Toy                             Ruffwear Gnawt-A-Cone Dog Toy


Treat them even when you’re not around with the All for Paws Interactive Fetch n Treat! This cool cube shoots out a tennis ball for your dog to return and receive rewards, all on their own. Tennis ball included, just BYOT (Bring your own treats!).

   All for Paws Interactives Fetch n Treat                           All for Paws Interactives Fetch n Treat



If you want them to work for their reward, the Buster Food Cube offers a mentally and physically stimulating surprise. Load it up with their favourite treat and watch as they figure out there’s food inside.

   Buster Food Cube                     Buster Food Cube

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