My name is Max and I am an off-white terrier cross. Well I think I am but I am not sure.  I have big brown eyes and the shiniest black nose but I don't know my family.  Eight years ago, a very tall man walked into Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary and took me home with him.  He had been to see me before but that day he brought a woman with him.  He had told her she didn't have to choose a dog but there was no way she was going to leave without my sad and dishevelled little face. 

The sad reality is that I had been beaten and abandoned and left on a road in Wales.  My coat was very long, matted and dirty.  I was given the name Yogi  when they found me but that was a temporary name.  I was apparently the 25th dog to be rescued in a few months so got a Y name.  I do know that I didn't like my life very much before the day the tall man came to the sanctuary.  

I was brought to their home in a shiny new doggy cage.  It was nerve-wracking for me but even worse for them.  You see they had only worked long hours up until that point. They said to the Sanctuary people that they had always wanted to save an abandoned animal and needed a new life focus.  That was me!  

Over the next few months - I want to share my journey with you from rescued scraggy dog to pampered pet. Every doggy deserves a chance!

Oh and by the way, the very tall man that took me home with him is called Martin Ruddy and he is the co-founder of Get Set Pet!