Hi Everyone, Rosie here!

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken so I wanted to give you an update on life here at Dog’s Trust. I have some sad news about my friend Cooper, his health began to deteriorate and despite being on medication – he is no longer us. He was very loved, and we miss him a lot.

Playing Outside

I have been enjoying being outdoors a lot recently, I particularly enjoyed making snow angels, I have a thick coat so it helps keep me cool. Anyway, enough about me! I’d like to introduce you to my new friend Mike….

Introducing Mike

Hi Everyone! My name is Mike but my carers here at Dog’s Trust call me The Tank. I’ve been trying to work out why! Maybe it’s because I’m a big, muscly boy or because I charge around like ‘a bull in a china shop’. Either way I don’t mind because both things are true! They told me I’m 25.8kg I guess that’s quite big right?

Mike’s Story

I’m a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross also known as a Staffie, this means I have a lovely brindle coat and beautiful eyes you could get lost in! Before I was rescued humans weren’t always kind to me, this means I can be shy when meeting new people but I’m a brave boy and let them give me tummy rubs – which I love! I have a few doggy friends here at the centre but meeting new doggy friends can make me anxious, so I prefer to just go on walks with friends I already know.

His Favourite things

My favourite time of the day is when I get to go to the sand runs, sometimes I almost pull my carers over in excitement! I get to play fetch here, however sometimes I chew the balls instead of chasing them so I make sure they always bring a whole bag with them, otherwise the game would be over in seconds and that wouldn’t be much fun! I am a very clever boy and it’s important my brain is kept busy as I don’t like being left alone, they tell me this is called separation anxiety, so I play with lots of dog toys, puzzles and learn new tricks regularly.

Forever home

My favourite trick is the wave, this means I can say hello to new people that come to visit, maybe they’ll want to take me home? Until my forever home is found, I’m very happy here at Dog’s Trust in Newbury and am so thankful to Get Set Pet for sponsoring me, it means I will always have a full tummy and an endless supply of tennis balls which is very important! I must go now as it is time to go play fetch, but I promise to update you on my adventures soon.

Lots of Woofs and Kisses



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