I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the whole Get Set Pet team are huge animal lovers, with the majority of us sharing our homes with at least one furry friend.  

Rosie and her gang can’t wait to introduce themselves and tell you all about the waggy tails and wet noses behind the scenes here at Get Set Pet.

Hello! Name is Rosie, aka Princess Nut Nuts!

Meeting the Get Set Pets

I am 1.5 years old and am a Cockapoo, which you may be able to tell by my curly fur.
People call me a ‘lockdown dog’, as I joined the Ruddy family just before Christmas in 2020.

Life is great fun – I go to the fields every morning to run, if I’m lucky my humans bring my ball which I love to run and chase after! I am full of beans and always go at break neck speed in circles around the field.

I am often at the Get Set Pet offices and love the smell of all the tasty dog food, but Martin never leaves me in the warehouse too long! It is just like being in a very delicious restaurant.

At the weekend I swim in the river and fetch sticks with my family. Edward is my best friend and I love nothing more than cuddles with him every morning.


My name is Lolly, my humans call me Lol for short.

Meet the Get Set Pets

I’m almost 3 years old. People often ask what breed I am, but I don’t know because I was found on the streets of Romania all by myself.

I came to live with my family in March 2019. My days as a street dog are long behind me and I love my home comforts!

When Holly is busy working, I am in charge of the snacks, and sometimes I like to help myself when she’s not watching. It’s a good job I’m an expert at doing the ‘puppy dog eyes’!

I have lots of energy and love to play with my squeaky dog toys. Long walks are my favourite because I get to meet lots of new friends and show off my best zoomies!


My name is Poppy, and I am a cuddly tabby cat.

Meet the Get Set Pets

I was born on a farm and was given to Dylan as a birthday present. I have been with my family for 4 years now.

It’s been nothing but fun since I arrived home! I am a very clever cat and have even learnt how to wake everyone up. Every morning at 6am I jump on the bed and pull the quilt back, so Dylan knows it’s time for my breakfast!

I love having cuddles with my family. I can even talk back when they speak to me, though I don’t think they understand what I’m saying!

I have a boyfriend called Bobby who lives next door with his family, and when I’m not sunbathing or having cuddles, we go to the forest together to play, which is great fun!


My name is Scout. I am an absolute nutcase of a Sprocker Spaniel this means I am half Springer and half Cocker.

Meet the Get Set Pets

My family adopted me about 5 years ago. Before I came to live with them, I lived on a farm in Lanarkshire, but I think I prefer my home comforts here!

I have SO much energy and do everything at 100 miles an hour, I never walk across my living room I always have to sprint. When my humans mention dog T-R-E-A-T-S I sometimes bounce off the furniture because I get so excited!

I spend most of my day with Steve, who is my favourite human. Every day I wait patiently for him to finish work so we can have snuggles on the sofa.

My favourite pass-time is garden patrol, where I scout the perimeter, warn off any people in my ‘zone’ and make sure my neighbour’s cat knows his place. He likes to wind me up by standing at my patio door, the cheek!

Our names are Coco and Mochi and we are Dwarf Hamsters, which means we are super small!

Meet the Get Set Pets

We have been with our family for almost 5 months. We are rescues so they don’t know exactly how old we are, but they think we are less than a year old.

We are the best of friends and live in a huge cage, which has two of everything, so we don’t have to share. Mochi’s favourite activity is running on his wheel, whilst mine is digging as far down as I can to make burrows!

Our humans regularly buy us new toys to keep our home exciting and sometimes give us strawberries as a treat, which are yummy! We don’t enjoy cuddles that much and prefer to be running around exploring our home.


My name is Lola, and I am an independent Calico cat.

Meet the Get Set Pets

I was also given to Dylan for his birthday back in 2014 when I was just 8 weeks old. I’ve grown a lot since then!

I am happiest when I’m outdoors, especially when the sun is shining. I roam on the grass in my garden and sometimes find a cosy place to curl up in the sunshine for a nap.

When I’m very happy I smile like a Cheshire cat and make happy noises which sound like a pigeon talking!

I spend lots of time protecting my family and home from Cheesy Wotsit. He's the neighbours' ginger cat, and he constantly tries to steal MY cat food!

Now that you have met our furry friends, we would love to meet yours! Tag us in your best photos over on our Instagram @getsetpetuk and don't forget to check our pet supplies range.