Hi there!

We’re Martin and Jason, the founders of Get Set Pet, and we’re on a journey to change the way you buy pet supplies.

Although one of us is a dedicated dog lover and the other is still searching for the cat of his dreams, we discovered we had similar concerns when it came to finding reliable information about pet care – especially in relation to pet food. Do big-name brands contain all the nutrients Max the dog needs? Is raw food suitable for a house cat? Where can I go to get honest advice?

With no unbiased answers immediately at our fingertips, our pet project (so to speak) was born.

We’re focused on creating a world where pet health and happiness comes first. Our vision is for Get Set Pet to be more than just a pet shop. We believe it should be simple to get everything your pet needs in one place – so you spend more time enjoying their company and less time worrying about their wellbeing.

As an independent company, we source the highest-quality products available, while providing the essential details you need to make informed decisions, whether you have a cat, dog, small mammal, bird or reptile.

Working with a panel of experts in a range of fields, we aim to make your life easier. From nutritional values to pricing, we provide the most relevant product details in a clear, easy-to-digest format, so you don’t have to hunt for answers online. Plus, our blog is filled with additional advice and tips, so you can help your pet live its best life.

Of course, we know there will be times when you’re unsure what to do; whether you’ve just got your first pet or you’re an old hand, you might need a little reassurance. That’s why we’ve set up live chat, so you can ask our team questions, just like you would at your local store.

Come to think of it, exceptional customer service comes as standard at Get Set Pet. As a pair of technology lovers, we use the latest digital tools to create a first-class shopping experience. From providing expert information, to delivering the top-notch products and keeping you in the loop with the latest in pet care, your best friend is at the heart of everything we do.

And for those pets yet to find their forever home, we’re giving back. We’re supporting sanctuaries up and down the UK, helping them care for animals in need. These small charities do sterling work, so it’s the least we can do.

Join us on our journey to a world of pet wellbeing.