Hi everyone! My name is Copper and I’m a very big lad with an even bigger personality! My favourite carers always use a certain phrase to describe me; "a bull in a China shop" because I'm always barging around like I own the place. Even when I meet people, I jump up to say hello, I just love making new friends! No one can believe I'm an older boy as I'm still full of beans! When I’m not rolling around getting as much fuss as possible, I’ll either have a tough dog toy in my mouth or a big bowl of dog food.

Due to the law, I'm not allowed to be rehomed in the UK. I’m classed as a Staffy cross but because I’m bigger than your average Staffy (through no fault of mine!) it means I cannot be rehomed. It’s sad to think that a measuring tape can determine whether or not I’m allowed to have a family to call my own but luckily for me, I really landed on my paws coming to Dogs Trust. The humans here are amazing and always give me tonnes of fuss and dog treats. I’m loving life now but I’m one of the lucky Staffies as sadly there are lots of unwanted Staffies and Staffy crosses out there who aren’t as fortunate as myself. Let me tell you a few things about us Staffies which may surprise you: 

  • We LOVE people
  • We love giving big, wet, sloppy kisses!
  • Mini humans are even more amazing as they’re people but fun-sized! 
  • Most of us are pretty incredible around other pets.
  • We are always eager to please and just a fuss is usually all the reward we need to know we’ve done good. 
  • We do like our dog food, dog treats and dog TOYS! We love dog toys, especially tough ones as we do like to chomp them and carry them around with us all day! 
  • We are full of energy and could run around all day. 
  • Equally, we love sofa time and a snuggle on our favourite humans lap is the best thing of all.
  • We smile, a lot! 

So in short, we’re the perfect breed, if I may say so myself. Of course we are all individuals and have our own unique traits but those are a few things you can expect from most of us lovable, dashing Staffies! Our past and previous experiences can sometimes mean that we are a little shy at first but I’m very forgiving and have totally forgotten about my previous life now. It didn’t take long for me to bounce back up and realise that people are just fabulous! 

I’m going to be blogging every now and again so you can find out what I’m up to so keep an eye out for my next Copper blog! Thanks to Get Set Pet for sponsoring me and to all my other lovely sponsors, I have everything I want now! If you’d like to sponsor a dog or even offer a new home to one, please keep Dogs Trust in mind as I can totally vouch for their awesomeness! I know my friend Rosie will too so find out more about her below!

Woofs and big sloppy kisses,

Copper x

Hi there! I'm Rosie, but you can call me Roo-Roo - all my friends do! I’m a very pretty Golden Doodle, that’s a Golden Retriever cross Poodle in case you’re wondering! 

When I'm not bounding around the agility course, I'm playing hide 'n' seek with my carers. We have a super cool woodland area at the Centre which gives me all sorts of hiding places - I just have to be careful I don't disturb any of the deer! Although I've got a friendly face, I get really nervous around new people and I don't like it when people move suddenly. This means I struggle to settle in a home - life at the Centre where my carers understand my quirks suits me much better for the time being. I love going for long walks and taking a ride in the car, I must admit I’m a bit of an adventurer and love exploring new places! I’m a water baby too and I am partial to a paddle when the weather is nice. My blonde locks look rather stunning when the sun is shining so I get lots of compliments! 

A few things I’m not fond of are strangers and loud noises as I’m what my carers call me “timid” so I prefer to be admired from a distance. Unless it’s someone I know and trust, then I like a bit of fuss and lots of my favourite dog treats - Schmackos! I’m a very popular breed as some call us poodle crosses “designer dogs” but that’s not always a good thing as it can sometimes attract the wrong people. Being a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever means that I’m full of energy, super intelligent and my long golden locks can be high maintenance! I get regular visits from my hairdresser for a trim and tidy, which I’m not a huge fan of but it needs to be done! Sadly my previous owner didn’t take all of these factors into consideration which is why I’m now at Dogs Trust so hopefully my story will remind everyone to do their research first. Thanks to Get Set Pet and all my other wonderful sponsors and carers, I get to live the life of luxury here at Dogs Trust which i'm extremely thankful for. 

Anyway I must go, it’s a lovely sunny day today so I have a paddling pool waiting for me! If you want to follow my adventures keep an eye out for my next blog! 

Lotsa love 

Rosie aka Roo-Roo x