Santa Paws is coming to town and this year, Get Set Pet has Christmas all wrapped up for you. As Santa’s little helpers, we’ve tracked down the very best festive gifts so it couldn’t be easier to treat your dog, cat or small furry to something special.

Here’s our round up of this year’s must-have pet gifts:


Barking Bakery Small Star Christmas Drizzle Cake Dog Treat (£9.99)

If your pet has managed to save a bit of space for pudding, this canine Christmas cake will make a very special festive treat. Unlike human Christmas cake – which contains dried fruit that is highly toxic to dogs – this doggie version is made from vanilla sponge and drizzled with a mouth-watering yoghurt frosting.

Good Boy Christmas Dog Santa Suit (£8.99)

If you’re invited to Christmas dinner you need to dress appropriately, and what better look to go for than Santa Paws himself! This outfit has false arms in front to bring the costume life and is suitable for small dogs with a back length of up to 25cm. 

With its white fur collar and cuffs, this Santa suit will also keep your pet cosy on a wintry walk.

Hugglehounds Christmas Stocking (£24.99)

If you’re looking for somewhere for Santa to pop your pet’s presents, look no further than this gorgeous festive-stripped stocking, complete with bone-shaped jingle bells. It will make a beautiful addition to your fireplace and is plenty big enough for everything a good boy or girl will receive this year – and all the Christmases to come.

House of Paws, Red and White Candy Cane Rope Toy (£9.99)

With all the excitement and temptation around on Christmas day, it is always a good idea to give your dog something safe to keep them busy. The last thing you want is them sniffing out a turkey carcass or chewing up your new Christmas slippers! This Candy Cane Rope Toy is the perfect present to keep your pet occupied while you take care of festivities. Made from tough rope, this toy is suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Chewing it will give their jaws a good workout, as well as helping to keep their teeth clean.

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Three Bird Feast (£16.50 for 6x400g)

Now, who said that you could only enjoy one Christmas dinner a year? Lily’s Kitchen knows how much dogs love a roast dinner, but not all of what we put on our own plates is suitable for them. For example, did you know that onions – which can be found in gravy and stuffing - are toxic to dogs? This is why the Three Bird Feast has been freshly prepared with turkey, duck and goose with only the safe trimmings, such as parsnips and cranberries. With six cans in a pack, your dog can enjoy several celebratory feasts this season.


Rosewood Christmas Turkey Strips (£0.99)

Now you can include your cat in traditional festive fayre with these delicious real turkey treats. A pack of these strips will make a great stocking filler, keeping cats happy and away from your own Christmas dinner!

Rosewood Festive Kitty Toy Donuts (£5.00)

Each of these three Christmas donuts offers a different play experience for a cat. The first contains catnip to target the ‘happy’ receptors in their brain, the second crinkles, and the third contains shaking beads to entice them to pounce. These toys will keep your cat entertained for hours until all your own presents are unwrapped... and then they can fall asleep in one of your empty boxes!

Happy Pet Fairy Lights Christmas Cat Teaser (£5.49)

When the Christmas decorations go up, it’s like transforming your sitting room into a feline playground. With so much sparkling and dangling excitement – not to mention a tree to climb – your cat could easily get into an awful lot of trouble! This is why the Fairy Lights Cat Teaser is such an amazing present.  With its mix of colours and textures, cats can’t resist it and it’s easy to engage them in play – sparing your own carefully hung decorations!


Rosewood Cupid & Comet Wood and Loofa Christmas Tree (£3.49)

There’s no need for your small pets to miss out on the excitement of the festive season. This tiny tree will brighten up any cage or hutch, as well as providing guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils or rabbits with something to nibble on. Chewing is an enriching activity that helps keep teeth and gums healthy. The tree is made from natural wood and loofa, and has a rope loop so that it can be hung up.

Rosewood Small Animal Santa Sack Den and Cave (£7.99)

With a house full of festive revellers, it can get a bit too noisy for some family members – especially any nocturnal ones! This cosy hideaway is the perfect place for hamsters, mice or gerbils to snuggle up and snooze during the day. It can also be used as an aquarium ornament for small to medium-sized fish.