Hi, Rosie here!

I just wanted to update you all on my recent adventures! Lately, I've been having some training sessions to learn all sorts of new tricks to show my carers here at Dogs Trust; I have even tried my paw at agility! I love weaving in between the poles and having a go over the jumps. After each trick I run straight to my carer for a tasty Schmacko reward! 

When I meet new people I am quite timid as I find strangers and enthusiastic dogs overwhelming which is why I have struggled to find my furever home. Sudden hand movements also scare me so my previous two homes sadly haven't worked out. Thankfully my carers at Dogs Trust know that it takes a while for me to get comfortable around new people but I think I'm worth the effort! 

Now that I'm settled here I really couldn't be happier! My carers know that I'm a clever girl so have all sorts of ways to keep my mind busy, either through training or by taking me on long walks that weave through our woodland. I see all sorts of interesting animals: woodpeckers hammering the trees and even deer! The deer walk across the path right in front of us, they're not scared at all. Can I tell you a secret? They might not find me scary but they're quite big so I make sure I stick right next to my carer to keep safe. 

Of course being well looked after wouldn't be possible without my wonderful friends who sponsor me, including the Get Set Pet team! Keep an eye out for my next blog or find out what my friend Copper has been getting up to in his own blog here

Lots of love 

Rosie x