It’s been a topsy turvy year so far for people and their pets up and down the country, with the Coronavirus pandemic touching each and every one of us. Sadly, some more so than others.

Expect the unexpected

Having launched our online store in October 2019 and then “learning the ropes” so to speak, through what is normally the pet industry’s busiest time of year, around Christmas, and plotting our course through the following year, we couldn’t have dreamed of what was about to unfold in the spring. I’ve been involved in online pet supplies for 15 years, and have never seen a situation like the one we all recently endured. As the pandemic took hold, the pet industry was, rightly, designated a key industry, as the UK continued its proud tradition of being one of the foremost pet-loving countries in the world, and it was a challenging time for all involved, to say the least.

Stock shortages 

Large brand names within the dog food sector quickly found their stocks dwindling away, with demand continually outstripping supply at the start of the pandemic, as worried pet owners sought to ensure their pets were looked after during the lockdown. Many retailers found delivery times being pushed out much further than usual, causing some to follow suit in order to do their best to keep on top of unprecedented numbers of orders. At Get Set Pet, we faced an almost daily battle, dealing with multiple manufacturers and wholesalers, trying to make sure that we had the necessary stocks of brand names like James WellbelovedBurnsNatures Menu and others, to be able to support our customers during an incredibly trying time. Often, stock of one product would be arriving from multiple places at once, and the smooth flow of goods into and out of our warehouse was of critical importance.

Hardworking warehouse team

It was through the unbelievable hard work and perseverance of our warehouse team that we managed to maintain our next working-day delivery service through the course of the pandemic which was no small feat for a young company still finding its place in the industry. I’m extremely proud of the guys for their heroic efforts in keeping our customers’ pets fed and entertained during a time when their activities were curtailed as much as ours. These issues have eased a great deal, with grocers, online and mail-order companies able to service customers to their own front door, helping to alleviate the need to stock up the larder, and we find ourselves now in a more stable position.

Fantastic support

Through it all, our customers have been fantastic. Your comments, support and most of all, your patience and understanding, have shone through and made it a joy and a privilege to be providing such an important service during a situation that greatly affected us all. As we gradually emerge from lockdown and the country gets back to some sense of normality, Get Set Pet will continue to be here, providing easy, quick access to your dog food, cat food, dog toys, dog beds… (you get the drift).

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen us to supply your pet’s daily needs and will continue to strive to provide the very best service, no matter the circumstance.