Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Harness


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Introducing Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Harnesses - the perfect accessory for you and your furry friend's next adventure! With functionality, practicality, and comfort in mind, Twiggy Tags Dog Harnesses offer both aesthetic quality and top-notch features.

With a breathable mesh lining, Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Harnesses are light and airy for your pup to wear, while being sturdy enough to take on any adventure. Twiggy Tags Dog Harnesses' rust-free metal front and back D-rings are perfect for pups who love to lead the way, and the innovative three-clip design eliminates the need for your pup to step into or go over their head, making it perfect for anxious pups.

Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Harnesses also come with a strong grab-handle, ideal for mountain scrambling or for close control in busy areas. Plus, with fully adjustable fittings, Twiggy Tags offers a safe and secure fit for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

Choose from a variety of designs, and pick the perfect size for your pup - Size 1(XS), Size 2 (S), Size 3(M), Size 4(L), or Size 5(XL).

Upgrade your furry friend's adventure gear with the Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Harness - the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and style!

Size Info

Size 1
Neck: 25cm - 31cm
Chest: 25cm - 50cm

Size 2
Neck: 30cm - 45cm
Chest: 35cm - 60cm

Size 3
Neck: 35cm - 50cm
Chest: 40cm - 71cm

Size 4
Neck: 40cm - 60cm
Chest: 55cm - 83cm

Size 5
Neck: 55cm - 84cm
Chest: 71cm - 99cm