Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks Dog Treats 100g


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Looking for a healthy and delicious treat for your furry friend? Look no further than Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks!

Made with natural, human-grade ingredients, Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato hypoallergenic and grain-free dental sticks help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. With only 78 calories per treat, Soopa Dental Sticks are also a low-fat option for your pup.

The cranberries in Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato sticks are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and Vitamin C, which research suggests may benefit dental health, bad breath, and immune support. Soopa Dental Sticks are also great for dogs prone to urinary tract infections. Flaxseed, another superfood for dogs, can help protect against digestive problems.

Suitable for dogs aged six months and up, as well as those with obesity, kidney/liver disease, allergies, pancreatitis, or low immunity. Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks are easy to digest, making them a safe choice for any dog.

Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks are not only a nutritious treat for your pup, but also a vegan and natural option made in Ireland. Support your dog's oral health while giving them a tasty and guilt-free snack with Soopa Dental Sticks!

Nutritional Info 

Feeding Guide

 Small dogs (under 10kg) ½ Stick / Day

Medium dogs (10-25kg) 1 Stick / Day

Large dogs (over 25kg) 2 Sticks / Day

Ingredients List 

Whole potato flour, tapioca starch, veg glycerine (non-palm), cellulose fibre, yeast products, dried cranberry 4%, organic coconut oil 2.5%, sweet potato powder 2%, natural flaxseed 2%, apple molasses

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 6.99%, Crude fibre 3.4%, Oil / Fat 5.05%, Ash1.97%, Moisture 12.6%.