Savic Zephos 1 Pet Carrier


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The Savic Zephos Pet Carrier is a must-have accessory for pet parents who love to travel with their furry companions.

Whether you're heading to the vet, taking a road trip or hopping on a train or boat, the Savic Zephos premium-quality small dog and cat carrier is designed to keep your pet safe, secure and comfortable during travel. With practical ventilation slits, your pet can enjoy optimal air circulation while inside.

The Savic Zephos 1 Pet Carrier is lightweight, easy to clean and features a large front door and a strong handle on top for convenient carrying.

Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 5 kg, the Savic Zephos Pet Carrier is a practical and stylish way to travel with your pet.

Measures 48cm x 31.5cm x 30cm