Rosewood Cupid & Comet Small Animal Herb n Hay Cake Treat


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The base of our guilt-free, hay and herb-rich Christmas cake is crisp and gnawsome, but the crowning glory is the decoration of naturally flavoured and coloured baubles sat on a bed of cornflowers and lingonberries, lightly dusted with coconut. Ideal for all small animals. To make the fun last and so pets don't over-indulge feed in moderation, by adding and removing as required, especially with chinchillas and degus. Composition: Vegetable starch, meadow hay (15.4%), pea flakes (8.8%), rolled oats 8.3%, wheat flakes, carrot (5%), parsley 3.9%, alfalfa, wheat, vegetable oil, dried beetroot (2%), flaked maize, puffed maize, puffed wheat, lemon balm (1.6%), peppermint (1.5%), cornflower (1.5%), ribwort (1.3%), coneflower (1.1%), coconut (0.6%), lingonberry (0.6%), grami0ceous seeds, oats, marigold (0.4%), red clover (0.4%), ca0ry grass seed, pepper( 0.3%0, buckwheat, dandelion (0.2%), hemp seed, fennel seed, linseed, black cumin seed.