Rosewood Cupid & Comet Reindeer Tinsel Cat Teaser Toy


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The Rosewood Reindeer Tinsel Cat Teaser is everything your cat needs in a captivating teaser toy.

A sparkly gold tinsel wand connects via the Rosewood Reindeer Cat Teaser Toy's luxurious grey feather boa to reindeer character with tartan check highlights, making every piece of the Reindeer Cat Teaser Toy attractive to your playful puss, with added catnip also helping to keep them engaged while encouraging their natural hunting instincts, and keeping them active in the process!

Measures 66cm x 11cm x 4cm

Key features:

  • Feather boa cat teaser wand
  • Attractive check reindeer design
  • Contains catnip to help keep your cat engaged
  • Satisfies your cat's hunting instincts