Rosewood Catwalk Turin Cat Scratcher Post


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Rosewood's Catwalk Collection of cat scratchers provide hours of entertainment for single and multi-cat households.

Ideally suited to kittens and small cats, the Catwalk Turin Cat Scratching Post features a seagrass-covered scratch post for sharpening and maintaining their claws, and is infused with catnip to keep your kitty coming back for more!

The plush base ensures that your cat or kitten can scratch in comfort, and the dangling play ball gives them a boredom breaker to bat at too!

Assembled dimensions 30x30x42cm.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for kittens and small cats
  • Seagrass-covered scratch post
  • Plush base
  • Catnip infused to maintain interest
  • Some easy assembly required