ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Care Bones Dog Treats Turkey 13pk


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Free from additives, artificial preservatives, gluten, grain and sugar, Proden PlaqueOff Dog Dental Bones are the only dog dental chew featuring the proven active ingredient ProDen PlaqueOff.

The active ingredient in ProDen PlaqueOff is 100% organic and natural, harvested in the fresh, cold waters off the Scandinavian coastline. It is processed in a unique, specially developed process to achieve the highest quality and maximum effect, making it safe and healthy for your pet.

Chewing uniquely-shaped Proden PlaqueOff Dog Dental Bones helps your dog to deal with plaque and tartar, which in turn helps to minimise doggy breath! The 2-in1 action provided by Proden PlaqueOff Dog Dental Bones works internally an externally to fight oral hygiene problems, and added Omega fatty acids help to keep the skin and coat in good condition, too.