ProDen PlaqueOff Cat Dental Powder 40g


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Vet-recommended, and approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), ProDen PlaqueOff Cat Dental Powder is a 100% natural, seaweed-based formula that supports improvement in your cat's oral health, helping to maintain fresh breath throughout the day.

Clinically proven, the unique seaweed ingredient in ProDen PlaqueOff, developed by Swedish dentist Dr Sune Wikner, is harvested in the fresh, cold waters off the coast of Scandinavia and is processed to the highest standards to ensure it is safe and healthy for your pet, working with your pet's body to help dissolve any existing tartar and prevent new build-up.

ProDen PlaqueOff Cat Dental Powder can be sprinkled daily on dry or wet food with the supplied scoop.

Suitable for cats and dogs. Daily dose information in relation to the pet's weight can be found on the back of the tub.