Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Roastie Bites Vegan Dog Training Treat


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Give your furry friend a taste of home with Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Roastie Bites Vegan Dog Training Treats! These scrumptious bites pack all the flavours of a roast dinner into a bite-sized treat that will have your dog's tail wagging with delight.

Each Miro & Makauri Roastie Bite is crafted with sweet potatoes and peas, baked to perfection, and fortified with health-boosting natural ingredients. Meat-free and packed with flavour, Miro & Makauri vegan dog treats are a wholesome alternative for the discerning pet owner.

Featuring three tantalising flavours - wood smoked roast veg, sweet potato with cranberry, and a green medley of broccoli, peas, and carrots - there's a Roastie Bite to suit every pup's palate.

Housed in a resealable zip craft bag, the Miro & Makauri bite-sized dog treats are perfect for training. Easily cut into smaller pieces, the Miro & Makauri high-reward treats are a game-changer in teaching new commands or reinforcing good behaviour.

But the benefits of the Miro & Makauri Vegan Roastie Bites go beyond flavour. Free from palm oil, gluten, grain, rawhide, and sugar, these treats are as good for your pet's health as they are for the environment. Plus, the Miro & Makauri low fat dog treats aid in reducing plaque, and promote digestion.

Infused with sweet potatoes and peas for digestive health, antioxidants from brewer's yeast for healthier skin and a shinier coat, and calcium carbonate for stronger bones, Mak's Patch Vegan Roastie Bites are the perfect blend of flavour and function.

Treat your pet to Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Roastie Bites Vegan Dog Training Treats and let them enjoy the flavours of a hearty roast dinner, one bite at a time! Order now and make training sessions a time of bonding and delicious rewards!