Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Peanut Butter Reward Coins Vegan Dog Treats 100g


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Discover the secret to happy, healthy training sessions with Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Peanut Butter Reward Coins Vegan Dog Treats! These Miro & Makauri Peanut Butter Reward Coins power-packed nibbles are your dog's passport to nutritious indulgence, making them the perfect 'currency' for your pet's love and attention.

Each coin boasts a delicious 100% peanut butter core enveloped in health-enhancing sweet potato, making them an irresistible, high-fibre, and low-fat treat your dog will adore. Packed with antioxidants, these coin-shaped delights promote vision, growth, and muscle strength in your dog.

Endorsed by renowned dog trainer Kamal Fernandez, the Miro & Makauri Reward Coin Dog Treats are more than just treats; they're a tool for easy and effective training. Miro & Makauri Vegan Dog Treats are small, easy to break into even smaller pieces, and pack a flavour punch that your dog will find irresistible.

Free from xylitol, palm oil, gluten, grain, and rawhide, Miro & Makauri vegan dog treats are as gentle on your dog's stomach as they are delightful to their taste buds. What's more, Miro & Makauri Peanut Butter Reward Coins are hypoallergenic and sugar-free, making them suitable for dogs with dietary restrictions.

Beyond the delicious flavour, these Peanut Butter Vegan Reward Coins also aid in reducing plaque and promoting digestion, making them a wholesome choice for your pet. Packed in a resealable zip craft bag for freshness, the Peanut Butter Vegan Dog Treats come in handy for rewarding good behaviour and making training sessions fun and productive.

Treat your four-legged friend to Miro & Makauri Mak's Patch Peanut Butter Reward Coins Vegan Dog Treats, the wholesome indulgence that pays off in health and happiness! Order now and see your dog's tail wag in excitement!