Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Kit


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Discover the ultimate grooming solution for your beloved Poodle crossbreed with the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Kit. Designed to maintain those adorable teddybear good looks, the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Kit is ideal for Poodle crossbreeds like Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos, and Golden Doodles.

Just 5 minutes of daily grooming is all it takes to keep pesky mats at bay and ensure your furry friend looks their best. The Mikki Doodles Dog Grooming Kit includes two essential tools that will revolutionize your grooming routine:

  1. Mikki Doodles Comb: the Mikki Doodles Dog Comb features stainless steel tapered pins that effortlessly glide through the coat, preventing snagging. It's perfect for locating and releasing knots and tangles, even in hard-to-reach areas. By combing in sections and reaching the lower layers next to the skin, you can identify and tackle matting right from the source. 

  2. Mikki Doodles Slicker: Designed to work through thick coats, the Mikki Doodles Dog Slicker is your secret weapon for removing loose or dead hairs, as well as fluffing curly or cottony coats. Its special pin hooks effectively catch and eliminate dead hair, while brushing out minor knots and tangles. The soft-grip handle and curved slicker back provide optimal control, reducing hand and arm fatigue for a comfortable grooming experience. Shape heads, top lines, and legs effortlessly to achieve that picture-perfect look.

While grooming, take a moment to observe and feel every part of your pet. Understanding their contours and form helps you quickly identify any unusual changes, allowing you to seek timely advice.

Poodle crossbreeds are known for their gorgeous looks, which require regular professional maintenance and care. With just 5 minutes of daily grooming, you can keep their coat tangle-free between salon visits. Follow this simple 3-step routine:

Step 1: Mikki Doodles Slicker - Start at the top and work your way down, using the Mikki Doodles Dog Slicker to remove loose or dead hairs and prevent knot formation.

Step 2: Mikki Doodles Comb - Use the Mikki Doodles Dog Comb to find and release knots and tangles in all areas of your dog's coat. Comb through each section, reaching the lower layers next to the skin to tackle matting effectively.

Step 3: Mikki Doodles De-Matter - For stubborn knots and tangles that can't be combed through, rely on the Mikki Doodles Dog De-Matter. With short strokes and a gentle touch, gently comb through the knotted area. Remember, for larger knots, consult a professional groomer.

Invest in the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Kit today and unlock the secret to a beautifully groomed, tangle-free coat. Keep your furry friend looking their best and feeling their happiest!