Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Comb


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Calling all proud owners of Poodle crossbreeds like Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos, and Golden Doodles! Introducing the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Comb, your ultimate grooming companion for maintaining your furry friend's teddy bear good looks.

With just 5 minutes of grooming every day, you can keep those pesky mats at bay and ensure your doodle's coat stays in tip-top shape. The Doodles Comb by Mikki is specifically designed to locate and untangle knots and tangles in all areas of your dog's coat. The Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Comb stainless steel tapered pins effortlessly glide through the fur without snagging, making grooming a breeze.

Take control of your dog's grooming routine by combing in sections, going all the way down to the lower layers next to the skin where matting tends to occur. 

But the benefits of the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Comb don't stop there! While grooming, take the opportunity to closely examine your furry companion, familiarizing yourself with their contours and form. This allows you to quickly spot any changes or abnormalities and seek advice promptly if needed.

To help you get started, Mikki have included a how-to Doodles combing guide packed with useful tips and tricks. You'll be a grooming pro in no time!

At Mikki, they understand that Poodle crossbreeds require regular maintenance and care to keep their gorgeous looks intact. That's why they've provided a complete solution to keep their coats tangle-free between salon visits, all in three simple steps.

Step 1: Mikki Doodles Slicker - Use the Mikki Doodles Dog Slicker to brush through the coat, removing loose or dead hairs and preventing the formation of knots and matting.

Step 2: Mikki Doodles Comb - Grab your Mikki Doodles Comb to effortlessly locate and release knots and tangles throughout your dog's coat, ensuring a thorough grooming session.

Step 3: Mikki Doodles De-Matter - For stubborn knots that cannot be combed through, the Mikki Doodles Dog De-Matter comes to the rescue. With gentle strokes and careful technique, you can untangle even the toughest knots. Remember, for larger knots, it's best to consult a professional groomer.

Keep your furry friend looking fabulous with the Mikki Doodles Poodle Crossbreed Dog Grooming Comb.