Mikki Bamboo Puppy & Kitten Grooming Kit


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The Mikki Bamboo Puppy & Kitten Kit is the perfect grooming companion for your young furry friends!

Ideal for young pets, the Mikki planet-friendly Puppy & Kitten Grooming Kit features a handmade bamboo palm brush and comb, providing a gentle introduction to grooming. The natural stroking action of the brush and the soft natural bristles distribute oils through the coat, leaving your pet soft and shiny. The rotating rounded tip comb pins help tease out tangles and lift dead hairs, ensuring a smooth and gentle grooming experience.

The Mikki Bamboo Puppy & Kitten Grooming Kit is designed to help introduce your new puppy or kitten to being groomed and handled. The planet-friendly bamboo tools reduce grooming anxiety in nervous pets, while the soft bristles and rounded comb pins offer a soothing and comfortable grooming session.

Why choose bamboo? Mikki's Bamboo range of grooming tools is not only planet-friendly but also people-friendly. Bamboo is a sustainable resource with a low environmental impact. Each product is handmade, supporting ethical jobs for local communities. With Mikki's decades of experience in grooming products, they have crafted a handle design that maximizes comfort and efficiency for each grooming technique.

Grooming is a breeze with the Mikki Grooming Kit. Use the comb to work through any tangles and reach the lower layers of the coat. Then, switch to the brush to remove loose hairs and distribute natural oils for a healthy and shiny finish. Groom your pet in sections, covering all areas of their body, including legs, belly, tail, ears, and head.

While grooming, take the time to observe and feel every part of your pet. Familiarize yourself with their contours and form to quickly identify any new or unusual changes, seeking advice promptly when needed.

Choose the Mikki Bamboo Puppy & Kitten Kit today and give your young pets the gentle care they deserve. Start their grooming journey on the right paw!