Mikki Bamboo Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake


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The Mikki Bamboo Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake is your secret weapon for a tangle-free and well-groomed pup!

Gentle grooming made easy! The Mikki planet-friendly Bamboo Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake is specially designed for medium coats. As you brush through your pet's fur, this Anti-Tangle Rake effortlessly lifts dead hair, leaving their coat looking fresh and fabulous.

Featuring rotating, rounded tip teeth, the Mikki Bamboo Anti-Tangle Rake reaches deep down to the skin, teasing through knots and tangles without any scratching. Say goodbye to loose hair and dirt as you groom with ease. Available in medium and wide tooth options to suit your needs.

Perfect for medium-length, double-coated breeds like Border Collies, German Shepherds, Huskies, Retrievers, and more, Mikki's bamboo anti-tangle rake is a grooming essential.

The rotating teeth work their magic, giving your dog a smooth and comfortable grooming experience. Use the Mikki Bamboo Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake to gently rake through the lower layers of the coat, displacing dead hair and undercoat while keeping the top coat undisturbed. Remember to groom in sections, covering every part of your pet's body, including the chest, legs, belly, and tail.

As you groom, take a moment to observe and feel each part of your pet. Understanding their contours and form helps you identify any new or unusual changes quickly.

Why choose bamboo?

Planet-friendly: Sustainability is at the core of Mikki's Bamboo range of grooming tools. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and Mikki's handmade production processes and recyclable packaging ensure a low environmental impact.

People-friendly: By choosing bamboo products, you're supporting ethical job creation, with up to 10 people-powered processes per product. Mikki strive to reduce machine-driven production, supporting the local economy and lowering production emissions.

Pet-friendly: Designed with your comfort and efficiency in mind, the Mikki Anti-Tangle Rake features a bespoke handle design that maximizes your natural brushing action. Whether you're a professional or a pet owner, Mikki's decades of grooming expertise have been poured into creating products that are easy and comfortable to use for both you and your furry friend.

Unleash the power of the Mikki Bamboo Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake and say goodbye to tangles and knots. Experience the perfect blend of grooming efficiency and sustainability!