Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Soft Pin Slicker Brush


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The Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Soft Pin Slicker Brush is your secret to a beautifully groomed pet with minimal effort!

Grooming made easy! The planet-friendly, handmade Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Soft Pin Slicker Brush is designed for medium, curly, and thick coats. Its soft pins work wonders, effortlessly removing dead hair, knots, tangles, mats, dirt, and debris for a perfectly groomed finish.

Crafted with angled soft pins, the Mikki Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker Brush effectively traps debris and lifts it away from the coat, while the shaped handle ensures a comfortable and efficient grooming technique. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, it's suitable for a range of pets.

Perfect for medium, curly, and thick-coated breeds like Doodles, German Shepherds, Huskies, Leonbergers, Retrievers, and more, the Mikki Bamboo Soft Pin Slicker Brush is a grooming essential.

The soft slicker pins are set on an air cushion, minimizing brushing pressure for a gentle and enjoyable grooming experience. Use the Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Soft Pin Slicker Brush to effortlessly brush through tangles, remove loose hairs, and distribute natural oils, resulting in a healthy and shiny coat. Don't forget to brush through all areas of your pet's body, including legs, belly, tail, ears, and head.

As you groom, take a moment to observe and feel every part of your pet. Understanding their contours and form helps you identify any new or unusual changes quickly.

Why choose bamboo?

Planet-friendly: Sustainability is at the core of Mikki's bamboo grooming tools. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and Mikki's handmade production processes and recyclable packaging ensure a low environmental impact.

People-friendly: Mikki's bamboo products support ethical job creation, with up to 10 people-powered processes per product. By reducing machine-driven production and supporting the local economy, Mikki strive to lower production emissions.

Pet-friendly: Designed with your comfort and efficiency in mind, the Mikki slicker brush features a bespoke handle design that enhances your natural brushing action. With decades of grooming expertise, Mikki have created products that are easy and comfortable to use for both you and your furry companion. 

Unlock the potential of bamboo grooming tools with the Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Soft Pin Slicker Brush. Effortlessly achieve a well-groomed pet while embracing sustainability!