Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Palm Brush


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The Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Palm Brush Collection are the ultimate grooming tools for your furry friends!

Bamboo Palm Brush – Moulting Massage: Perfect for short and medium coats, the Mikki planet-friendly, handmade palm brush provides a natural stroking action that reduces grooming anxiety in nervous pets. The rubber teeth effortlessly loosen dead hairs and invigorate the skin, leaving your pet feeling comfortable and refreshed. Suitable for both wet and dry grooming sessions, the Mikki Bamboo Palm Brush is a must-have!

Bamboo Palm Brush – Ball Pin: Designed for fine and medium coats, this gentle yet effective brush features ball tip pins that reach deep into the skin, easing through tangles and removing loose hairs. The comfortable hand strap ensures a secure hold while grooming, making it ideal for pets who need a little extra care.

Bamboo Palm Brush – Bristle: Specially crafted for smooth and short coats, this Mikki Bamboo Palm Brush boasts soft natural bristles that distribute oils through the coat, leaving your pet soft and shiny. The planet-friendly bamboo handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the natural stroking action helps reduce grooming anxiety in nervous pets.

Why choose bamboo? Mikki's Bamboo grooming range is not only planet-friendly but people-friendly too! Bamboo is a sustainable resource, known for its rapid growth and low environmental impact. Handmade with care, each brush supports ethical jobs for local communities, making a positive difference while keeping production emissions to a minimum.

Ideal for a wide range of short and medium-coated breeds like Beagles, Boxers, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Huskies, Jack Russells, Labradors, Pugs, Retrievers, Spaniels, and many more, Mikki planet-friendly bamboo palm brushes provide a soothing massage that loosens dead hair and invigorates the skin, promoting a healthy shedding process and ensuring your pet's comfort. Use in a circular motion on dry or wet coats, covering all main areas of your pet's body, including their legs and belly.

During grooming, take the time to observe and feel every part of your pet, getting to know their contours and form. This helps you quickly identify any new or unusual changes, allowing you to seek advice promptly.

At Mikki, they have decades of experience crafting grooming products for professionals and pet owners. The bespoke handle designs are tailored to maximize comfort and efficiency for each grooming technique. With Mikki's eco-friendly grooming range, suitable for every breed and coat type, you and your pet can enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable grooming experience.

Choose the Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Palm Brush Collection today and discover the perfect blend of care, sustainability, and quality. Your pet deserves nothing less!