Mikki Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Flea Comb


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The Mikki Bamboo Anti-Tangle Flea Comb is ultimate weapon against those pesky fleas!

Eeeek! Fleas be gone! The Mikki planet-friendly Bamboo Cat & Dog Grooming Anti-Tangle Flea Comb with extra fine teeth is here to trap fleas, eggs, and dirt as you comb through your pet's coat, ears, tail, and paws.

Equipped with rotating teeth for smooth gliding and a tapered handle for easy sectioning, the Mikki Bamboo Anti-Tangle Flea Comb comb is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds.

Why choose bamboo? Mikki's Bamboo grooming tools embody their commitment to sustainability and quality. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, making our grooming range planet-friendly. Handcrafted with care, each comb contributes to ethical job creation. Designed with a bespoke handle for optimal comfort and efficiency, Mikki's combs ensure a pleasant grooming experience for both you and your pet.

The extra fine rotating teeth reach deep into the fur, capturing fleas, eggs, and dirt at the skin level. During flea season, comb your pet daily to ensure a flea-free environment. Place a large sheet of paper underneath your pet for easy identification and disposal of fleas and eggs. Comb gently and systematically, paying extra attention to thicker fur areas where fleas tend to hide. When you spot trapped fleas, drown them immediately in soapy water or insecticide.

While you rid your pet of fleas, take the opportunity to inspect and feel every part of their body. Familiarizing yourself with your pet's contours and form helps you quickly identify any new or unusual changes, allowing you to seek prompt advice.

Choose the eco-friendly path and equip yourself with the Bamboo Anti-Tangle Flea Comb. Bid farewell to fleas and embrace a happier, healthier pet today!