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Lilys Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs


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The Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs is the ideal way to help your little drummer dog count down the days to Christmas!

Featuring a selection of three delicious biscuits made with the finest ingredients, there's no tastier way to mark the days off your dog's festive calendar.

A group of mini organic training treats made with organic apples and farmhouse cheddar help keep your dog's attention during the festive excitement, while flower-shaped treats made with beef liver, fresh carrots, black strap molasses, and alfalfa also help to keep your dog's coat shiny like a bauble. Blissful bedtime treats round out the trio, made with honey, yoghurt, chamomile, and passion flowers to help soothe your dog at the end of a hectic day.

Key features:

  • Advent calendar featuring a variety of dog treats
  • Trio of treats made with high-quality ingredients
  • Perfect for bringing your dog in on the festive activities