James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish and Rice Adult Dry Cat Food


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James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish and Rice Cat food is a great way of showing your cat you love them! It includes all the nourishment they need to stay healthy and is a complete and balanced source of food with added vitamins and minerals.
Cats can often suffer adverse reactions to milk, beef and wheat. You’ll find none of that here, as the recipe uses a succulent blend of fish, rice, maize, tomato, carrot and potato. It will also help with your feline friend’s urinary tract due to the cranberry extract used, as well as the low magnesium level.
Not only will the James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish and Rice provide your cat with all the ingredients they need to be their best selves, but it also comes packed with flavour, and your cat will love it!

• No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
• Hypo-allergenic
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• No milk, beef or wheat
• Cranberry extract and low levels of magnesium

11 x 53 x 37 cm