Hurtta Motivation Dog Cooling Vest


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The Hurtta Motivation Dog Cooling Vest is ideal for training or shows, or for those country walks on hotter days.

Simply dip the Cooling Vest in cold water, wring it dry and put it on your dog, to provide them with a feeling of comfort and coolness when the heat is on! Should it need a top-up, pour a small amount of water over the jacket to keep that cool feeling going longer.

The Hurtta Motivation Dog Cooling Vest also protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation, and has double the absorption capacity in comparison with terry cloth coats.

Sizes XXS-S have attachment loops for a leash.


XXS - 28cm (11") neck, 36cm (14") chest
XS - 32cm (12") neck, 44cm (17") chest
S - 34cm (13") neck, 51cm (20") chest
M - 40cm (16") neck, 60cm (24") chest
L - 48cm (19") neck, 74cm (29") chest
XL - 56cm (22") neck, 80cm (34") chest
XXL - 72cm (28") neck, 106cm (42") chest