Hurtta Drizzle Dog Rain Coat


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When you're part of the Hurtta pack, you're ready for any weather.

The Hurtta Drizzle Raincoat is an essential part of your dog's wardrobe, helping protect them from rainy, windy or muddy conditions, while also being suitable for cooler conditions thanks to the warming foil patterning in its lining which reflects your dog's own body heat, helping both to keep them warm and to stimulate blood circulation.

Thanks to its help in muscle-warming, the Drizzle Raincoat is also ideal for dogs engaged in active sports, for warming up and maintaining their well-being before and after a performance.

Made from an elastic, silent and breathable fabric with a weatherproof Houndtex™ layer, Hurtta's Drizzle Raincoat is your dog's ideal coat, no matter the conditions.

Key features:

  • Weatherproof and breathable Houndtex™ laminated shell fabric
  • Highly visible 3M™ reflectors
  • Aluminium foil print on the lining reflects body heat
  • Adjustable collar, waist and back length

Available sizes (by back length): 35cm, 40cm, 55cm

NB No 2 dogs are the same, even within the same breed. Before ordering, please measure your dog accurately, by measuring their back length from the withers to the base of their tail, their neckline at the base of their neck and their chest measurement just behind their front legs.