Habitrail Ovo Suite Hamster Home


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The Habitrail Ovo Suite is the hamster cage of the future, allowing you to create the coolest and most advanced hamster habitat ever! Fully expandable and ready to grow, the Ovo Suite provides possibilities limited only by your imagination.

The stylish retractable dome roof, which is perforated for ventilation, allows a great view of your hamster, whilst high moulded walls help to keep your hamster’s bedding inside his home (rather than on the table or the floor!) and the raised food dish also helps to keep your pet's food separate from the less savoury contents of his home!

Built on Habitrail’s long-standing reputation for innovative hamster habitat designs, the Habitrail Ovo Suite Hamster Home provides a comfortable living space for hamsters.

Key Features:

  • Innovative sliding doors allow easy access to your pet and makes feeding and cleaning a breeze
  • Air vents provide air circulation while preventing drafts
  • Front and back locks ensure your pet remains securely inside the home
  • Rounded corners help prevent gnawing and make cleaning easy
  • Includes water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and transport unit

 Dimensions: approx W35 x D18 x H35cm