DOOG Neon Dog Harness Rin Tin Tin


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Introducing the DOOG Neon Dog Harness Rin Tin Tin, a high-vis harness perfect for active, water-loving dogs.

Made from DOOG's special 'Neoflex" material, which is lightweight and wetsuit-like, the DOOG Neon dog harness is adjustable in 2 places and provides soft and comfortable exercise for your furry friend.

The high-vis colour makes the DOOG Neon Harness perfect for night walks in winter, and it also features reflective material for extra visibility.

Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs, the DOOG Neon Dog Harness Rin Tin Tin is the perfect choice for dogs who love to swim and stay active.

Size Info

Neck: 26-31 cm
Chest: 32-44 cm

Neck: 30-34 cm
Chest: 40-56 cm

Neck: 34-40 cm
Chest: 50-70 cm