Dog Cooling Coat by Get Set Pet


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Dogs can suffer from overheating in hot weather, especially long or thick-coated breeds. Overheating can be extremely dangerous for dogs and a cool coat can help keep your dog’s body temperature down.

The Dog Cooling Coat by Get Set Pet is a fantastic quality coat for large dogs. Many cool coats become rock solid when they dry but the Dog Cooling Coat is made from a high-tech mesh type material that always stays soft and pliable. Your dog's skin stays cool but dry underneath the coat.

Simply soak the coat in cold water and wring it out before putting it on your dog. It can then be rewetted as necessary. The neck strap and two underbelly straps ensure an excellent fit and the coat is fully machine washable.

The cool coat is available in sizes up to 90cm length for large and giant breeds. To find the correct size measure your dog along the length of the back (from the collar to the base of the tail).