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Chuckit Holiday Fetch Pack Ball Launcher and Fetch Stick Dog Toy


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The Chuckit Holiday Fetch Pack Dog Toy is a bundle of festive fetching fun, with a variety of ways to keep your dog entertained this Christmas.

The Chuckit 18M ball launcher comes with a medium Chuckit Ultra Ball, made from durable, long-lasting natural rubber, and a Chuckit tennis ball, giving your dog a variety of mouth feels while they're bringing back their catch. The included Chuckit Ultra Fetch Stick, also made from natural rubber, is the perfect, non-splintering fetch toy for those times when only a stick will do.

Key features:

  • Holiday fetch bundle
  • Chuckit 18M dog ball launcher
  • Chuckit Ultra Ball
  • Chuckit tennis ball
  • Chuckit Ultra Fetch Stick
  • Chuckit Ultra products made from durable, long-lasting natural rubber