Catmate C200 2 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Ice Pack


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Struggling for a cat sitter for that get-together you'd planned, or need to go into work but want to make sure you're cat's looked after?

While leaving pets at home alone is never the ideal solution, the Catmate C200 Automatic Cat Feeder battery-operated cat feeder helps make sure your cat doesn't go hungry while you're otherwise engaged,

Easily programmable, the 2 meal Catmate C200 Feeder can offer meals at different times of day and the included ice pack helps to keep wet cat food fresh for several hours, while the automatically-opening lids keep pests at bay, too.

Measures 26cm x 21cm x 8cm.

Key features:

  • Programmable for 2 feeding times, or 2 pets at once
  • Ice pack to help keep wet food fresher
  • Removable bowls
  • Battery operated