Catit Zoo Cardboard Cat Scratcher Giraffe


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The Catit Zoo Cardboard Cat Scratcher Giraffe is an animal-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher designed for your cat to claw at and lounge on.

Inspired by zoo animals, the Catit Zoo Cardboard Cat Scratcher includes catnip, which allows you to keep your cat thoroughly entertained for some time, helping to keep those claws away from your furniture! The catnip entices your cat to scratch and interact with the Catit Zoo Cat Scratcher. For best results roll a pinch of catnip between your fingers and sprinkle it on the scratcher to release the aroma.

As well as providing somewhere for your cat to maintain its claws, the Catit Giraffe Scratcher provides comfort when it’s time for your feline to unwind and relax. If your cat prefers to stretch their back whilst scratching, the Catit Zoo Cardboard Giraffe scratchers are designed to lean up against your sofa or wall.

Measures 24x18.5x44.5cm