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Catit Vesper Square Stacking Cat Tower


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The Catit Vesper Square Stacking Cat Tower is a 3-level hideout designed for your cat’s safety, comfort and fun. With multiple cosy hideouts and a padded top perch, it creates new experiences for your feline to explore.

The easy set up and storage requires no tools, and the Catit Stacking Tower is also available in a round shape to fit in all nooks and corners.

The tiers of the Catit Round Stacking Tower can be split down to create separate hideouts, with each of the openings being an invite for your cat to peek through as they play or lounge, while also providing an easy storage solution by simply collapsing them back down.

The Catit Stacker is popular amongst cats and kittens, thanks to its high fun and cosiness factor, allowing your fur baby to watch people high above or sun from atop their tower.

The overall sizing of the Catit Vesper Square Stacking Cat Tower (once built correctly) is approximately 110cm by 44.5cm (height and base width), with each level varying in diameter from 14cm to 15cm allowing for a snug hidey-hole.