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Bob Martin Skin Kind Flea & Tick Spray Cats & Dogs


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Bob Martin has a broad range of parasite (flea and tick) treatments for both cats and dogs. Their products are presented with a variety of active ingredients, so that you can easily access whichever treatments you require.

Bob Martin Skin Kind Flea and Tick Spray for cats and dogs contains an original formula that catches ticks or fleas during all stages of their life cycle in an adhesive (dimethicone) to prevent infestations. You can use the spray on your pets, their bedding and in your house, with protection for up to four weeks after using it.
After the dimethicone covers the parasites in a thin sticky layer, the fleas and ticks are unable to move onto other animals or people. Then you can get rid of them during your routine cleaning and pet grooming.

Non-pesticidal and non-biocidal, this is a ‘skin kind’ product for both cats and dogs; ideal if you have both.

3cm x 10cm x 15cm