Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Fogger Plus 2x100ml


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Say goodbye to pesky fleas and ticks in your home with Bob Martin Clear Home Flea & Tick Fogger!

Bob Martin Clear Flea's easy-to-use home flea fogger is the perfect solution for tackling flea infestations in your home. Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Fogger's unique triple-action formula kills fleas and ticks on contact and treats carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, and pet bedding, ensuring your home stays flea-free for up to 3 months.

Bob Martin Clear Home Flea & Tick Fogger is specially formulated to target flea eggs, preventing them from developing for up to 7 months. Plus, with one fogger treating 20 square metres of exposed surface and leaving no odour or sticky residue, you can be sure your entire home is protected from these annoying pests.

The Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Fogger is safe and easy to use for amateur flea control in your domestic home, but not recommended for use in kitchens.

Take control of flea infestations with Bob Martin Clear Home Flea & Tick Fogger as part of your effective flea control program. 

How to use 

For use in the home but not in the kitchen.

1. Remove all living creatures from the room to be treated and close the windows.
2. Ensure all electrical appliances are turned off and any pilot lights or naked flames in the room have been extinguished.
3. Place the fogger can in the centre of the room on a sheet of newspaper, on top of a raised firm surface such as a table.
4. At arm’s length and keeping the can away from the face, press the actuator downwards until it locks to release the fog.
5. Upon release leave the room and close the door.
6. After 2 hours return to the room and open the windows.
7. Leave the room empty for a further 30 minutes to ensure all of the fog has gone.

Active Ingredients

Permethrin – is a residual, long-acting insecticide of the pyrethroid family (the pyrethrum flower is mankind’s oldest natural insecticide).
Cypermethrin – is a residual, long-acting insecticide of the pyrethroid family (the pyrethrum flower is mankind’s oldest natural insecticide).
Tetramethrin – is a fast-acting, ‘knockdown’ pyrethroid – which acts by quickly stopping fleas jumping and biting.
Dimethicone – is a non-insecticidal silicone fluid that essentially traps and immobilises the fleas.
(S)-methoprene – is an insect growth regulator which inhibits the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae for up to 8 weeks after application, preventing re-infestation on the pet and their immediate surroundings.


For use only as an insecticide. Applications: insecticide for amateur use against fleas, ticks and mites in domestic premises (excluding kitchens and food preparation areas). One unit will treat approximately 20 square meters of exposed surface.

- Keep in a safe place.
- Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.
- Do not contaminate foodstuffs, eating utensils or food contact surfaces.
 -For indoor use only.
- Do not apply to clothing or human bedding.
- Do not touch treated surfaces until dry.
- Ventilate the treated area thoroughly when the smoke has cleared.
- Exclude all persons and animals during treatment.
- Cover all water storage tanks before application.
- This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way.
- Hazardous to bees.
- All bats are protected under the wildlife and countryside act 1981. Before treating any structure used by bats, consult natural England, Scottish natural heritage or the countryside council for Wales.