Beaphar Calming Cat & Dog Home Spray 125ml


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Life's stresses and strains are as much a factor of life for your cat as they are for you, though they come in different forms.

Loud noises, unexpected guests and changes in the home environment, amongst other things, can cause some tension for your furry friend, and can sometimes lead to unwanted behaviour.

Used in conjunction with positive reinforcement and other forms of stress relief, the Beaphar Calming Cat & Dog Home Spray provides a natural way to help alleviate your pet's stresses.

Formulated with Valerian, thought to help provide natural stress relief, the Beaphar Calming Home Spray is suitable for use all around the home and while traveling, and helps to provide on-the-spot support to help keep your pet calm through loud noises, fireworks, kennel visits and other sources of stress.