Back To Nature Small Animal Bedding and Litter 30L


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Back to Nature cares about their impact on the environment. This is clear to see in the products they create, designed to return ‘back to nature’ – they are long-lasting, made from natural materials that can easily decompose when disposed of. No additives or artificial substances.

The Small Animal Bedding and Litter by Back to Nature is comprised from flattened paper pellets which are clinically clean and 99% free from dust, so you don’t have to worry about dust in your pet’s eyes, ears or lungs. (Extra bonus – clean floors!)
This bedding/litter is also very absorbent with good odour control, which improves pet care, keeping you and your pet happy.
Back to Nature’s small animal bedding is suitable for all small animals – from mice to reptiles.

16cm x 34cm x 53cm