All For Paws Interactives Cat Culbuto Feather Cat Toy


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While your cat may seem content to laze around the house for most of its day, you can be sure that, deep down, it'll be craving some stimulation.

Enter the All For Paws Calbuto Feather Cat Toy!

Tapping into your cat's natural hunt and pounce instincts, the All For Paws Calbuto Feather Cat Toy features a tempting dangling feather, a common feature of cat teasers, luring your cat in to bat and paw at it, before you, their cunning pet parent, activate the motorised toy via its wireless remote, and send the feather spinning around, creating another new dimension of fun!

Not only does it provide your cat with an exciting boredom breaker, but helps them to get some indoor exercise while they chase and wrestle with the feather.

Try activating it as your cat passes by the toy, and watch the surprise unfold!

The All For Paws Calbuto Feather Cat Toy is durable, bright and vibrant, keeping your cat's attention while being more than able to stand up to some play-time punishment.

Measures 15x12x16cm.

Key Features:

  • Engaging teaser toy
  • Motorised, with wireless remote
  • Stimulates your cat and alleviates boredom
  • Helps provide indoor exercise
  • Easy to operate