All for Paws Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat


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Transform your backyard into a water wonderland for your four-legged friend with the All for Paws Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat. Designed to keep your furry pals cool and refreshed during the hot summer days, the Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat offers a fun-filled splash party right at your home.

The All for Paws Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat isn't just a plaything, but a heat relief solution that encourages active play while keeping your dog cool. Made with durable, high-density PVC, this Cooling Sprinkler Mat mat ensures long-lasting use. Plus, the anti-slip surface is designed to prevent accidental slips and slides during water play, ensuring your dog's safety.

Setting up the All for Paws Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat is as simple as connecting your garden hose to the mat. What's even better is that you can adjust the water pressure to control the height of the sprinklers. This allows you to customise the water intensity according to your dog's size and preference, adding an extra layer of fun to their playtime.

When it's time to pack up, the All for Paws Sprinkler Mat conveniently folds down to a compact size, making it easy to store and transport. So, you can bring the splash fun to the park, beach or anywhere your adventures take you and your pup.

The All for Paws Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat is not just a summer must-have but also a great way to encourage physical activity and keep your dog entertained. Available in medium and large sizes, it caters to all breeds.

So why wait? Turn the hot and lazy summer days into an exciting and refreshing playtime for your dog. With the All for Paws Chill Out Dog Cooling Sprinkler Mat, your dog will enjoy every bit of summer just as much as you do!