AATU 85/15 Adult Cat Food Chicken 3kg


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Let your feline feel good. AATU are pioneers in both tasty and nutritious high-quality pet food with the first single protein 85/15 diet; their food is made without artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients (no nasty stuff, just yummy goodness).

AATU 85/15 dry cat food contains 85% protein (50% freshly made chicken with no preservatives, 35% dried chicken) and 15% ‘super-8’- premium fruits, spices, vegetables and botanical ingredients.

There is also no grain, gluten or white potato. This dry cat food is crammed full of wonderful nourishment – so much so that 3kg of ingredients are used to produce 1kg of the completed product.

  • 85% protein
  • 15% fruits, spices, vegetables and botanicals
  • No grain, gluten or white potato
  • No artificial additives or GM ingredients
  • Always make fresh water available with your pet’s food